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Software news

New releases of Starlink software are now made from the EAO:

Starlink has closed

The Starlink project was closed on the 30th June 2005. The JAC, which also gave support for the software has now also closed (1st March 2015) and Starlink software is currently maintained by the EAO.

If you need support for any of the software that I maintained and developed for Starlink (for 15 years), then you should visit the Starlink web site for information about subscribing to the Starlink support mailing list where the intention is that you may be able to get help from other interested astronomers.

EAO users should note that I am also no longer funded to do work for the JAC or EAO, so all bug reports about software supported by the EAO should be directed to the appropriate lists. This change (October 2009) means that the development of GAIA and SPLAT by me will halted and bugs will be fixed on a best-efforts basis only.

Obtaining Software

If you want to get hold of any software mentioned on this site, then you should now download the latest release from

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