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IMG - Simple Image Data Access

Welcome to the IMG home page. This document serves as a place to find out about the current status of IMG.

What is IMG?

IMG is a library of subroutines for accessing astronomical images and header information. The library has been designed to be easy to use and understand and will be of most interest to astronomers who write their own software and require uncomplicated access to their data. In this context, an "image" may be an ordinary (2-D) image, but could also be a spectrum (1-D) or "data cube" (3-D).

The data format used by the IMG library will normally be the Starlink "Extensible N-Dimensional Data Format" or NDF (described in SUN/33), which is typically stored in files with a .sdf extension. However, IMG can also access other astronomical formats (such as IRAF, disk FITS or FIGARO) and new ones can easily be added, so using IMG gives your programs access to a wide range of astronomical data in a very straightforward way.

Current status

For a list of bugs and fixes in the current IMG see the news file.


The following information about IMG is available on-line:

  • A Starlink bulletin article about IMG.

Problems and bugs

None are known at present.

Obtaining a copy of IMG

IMG is part of the EAO Starlink release.

Questions or comments to:

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