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The Browser Window

This image shows the "browser" window of SPLAT. This is the main window where a list of all the spectra (and their plotting properties) is maintained (the "Global list of spectra:"). In this case it is clear that SPLAT has opened quite a lot of spectra, some of which are displayed elsewhere, in a window called "<plot3>".

The Plot and Panner Windows

This image shows SPLAT plotting several spectra in a "plot" window together with a "panner" window that shows the full unzoomed spectra.

Using a plot you can zoom and scroll around large spectra and interact with them. For instance there is a continuous readout of wavelength and data counts and you can drag out a region of the spectra to zoom into. Interactive plot graphics are also used by many of the tools (see you can see these in the toolbar area) to define ranges for fitting polynomials and spectral lines, as well as regions of the spectra to extract.

The panner window allows you to drag the red rectangle around to change the region shown in the plot, you can also click on features to have them brought into the main view.

The On-line Help

SPLAT has an integrated on-line help system. This describes how to get started using SPLAT and has help for each of its main windows. In the example shown here you can see the start of the help on how to interactively fit spectral-lines.

The on-line help also features sections on how to get started using SPLAT, as well as help for each window.

Line fitting

In this image SPLAT is shown fitting a spectral line. Just for example it is fitting a single line using it's full repertoire of profile models -- Gaussian, Lorentzian and Voigt -- as well as the making its more usual intensity based measurements of line position and equivalent width.

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