1 Overview
2 Getting started
 2.1 Displaying a spectrum
 2.2 Displaying more than one spectrum
 2.3 Basic control of a plot view
3 Help for individual windows
 3.1 The browser window
 3.2 A plot window
 3.3 The query VO for spectra window
 3.4 Query VO using ObsCore TAP
 3.5 The animation window
 3.6 The view and modify spectral values window
 3.7 The spectral coordinate system attributes window
 3.8 The data units window
 3.9 The simple binary maths window
 3.10 The simple constant maths window
 3.11 The panner window
 3.12 The plot configuration window
 3.13 The region extraction window
 3.14 The polynomial fitting window
 3.15 The generate spectra from interpolated lines window
 3.16 The spectral line fitting window
  3.16.1 Saving the results
 3.17 The filter spectrum window
 3.18 Quick change of coordinate or data units window
 3.19 Flip or shift or redshift a spectrum
 3.20 Region statistics window
 3.21 Display stacked spectra
4 Supported data formats
 4.1 Handling 2 and 3D data
5 Command-line control and tools
6 Using SAMP to exchange spectra
7 Acknowledgements