GAIA release Winter 2002

GAIA is an image display and analysis tool. It provides the usual facilities of image display tools, plus more astronomically useful ones such as aperture & optimal photometry, contouring, source detection, surface photometry, arbitrary region analysis, celestial coordinate readout, calibration and modification, grid overlays, blink comparison, defect patching and the ability to query on-line (WWW) catalogues.

GAIA is a derivative of the Skycat catalogue and image display tool, developed as part of the VLT project at ESO.

GAIA developments released this year include the addition of three new "toolboxes". One to display and manipulate polarization maps, one to very flexibly record and identify positions and one to display the mean profiles in a rectangular region.

A further major change was the addition of support for displaying multiple extension FITS files (MEFs). It is now possible to examine images and catalogues stored in these files.

Changes made in this release (a minor one) include:

To try out GAIA for yourself type the following command:

      %  gaia [image_file]
from the C-shell.

If you have any comments or problems with GAIA then mail:
Peter W. Draper (, 4th September 2002.
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