Virtual Observatory Resources

Currently access to VO resources cover catalogues using so called cone search (CS) and images using simple image access protocol (SIAP). Toolboxes for accessing these are found in the "Data-Servers" menu.

The two toolboxes offer differing approaches to accessing resources, but fundamentally work the same way: locate what services are available by querying a registry and then querying individual services for a catalogue or image that covers a given region of sky.

VO resources are registered in a registry, so typically you find what services are available for a service type by initially querying the registry. To avoid this overhead GAIA has a cached version of a full registry response, but typically you'll want to refine these lists using additional constraints.

In the case of images, for which there are fewer servers and generally you'll only want a single image at a time, this step needs to be accessed using "View image servers..." dialog in the toolbox.

For catalogues, of which they are many, restricting the list of services is a more immediate need, so this forms the first part of the dialog.

See the individual toolbox help pages for more.