Under One Sky
Astronomy & Mathematics in the Ancient Near East
Archaeologically recovered  materials from Egypt and Mesopotamia  provide the earliest written sources of astronomy and mathematics known to us today.  They reveal that already by the early second  millennium BC  advanced  mathematical  techniques  had been developed  to solve both practical  and  abstract problems.  In the  first millennium BC,  Babylonian astronomers used de- velopments of these mathematical methods  to calculate  planetary  and lunar phenomena such as the dates of the first and last visibilities of the planets, and eclipses of the sun and moon.

This conference  will provide a forum  for the presentation and  discussion of recent work on the history of astronomy  and mathematics in the Ancient Near East.  In addition to technical discus- sions of the methods of  the ancient science,  sessions of  the conference will  be devoted  to ex- ploring the relationship  between astronomy and celestial divination,  the role of astronomy in es- tablishing absolute chronologies,  and the legacy of Ancient Near Eastern science in neighbouring cultures.

The conference is supported by a grant from the British Academy.

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