FTP Retrieval

This page provides a pseudo-ftp facility to allow distribution of material. Right click on the file required to download it to your disk. Most should come in one of two flavors: uuencoded, gzipped TAR files or uuencoded, gzipped Postscript. Save the file to disk and use:

  •   uudecode fsp.tar.gz.uu
  •   gunzip fsp.tar.gz
  •   tar -xvf fsp.tar       (for TAR files)
  • Please email me if you have any problems retrieving material from this site.

    Java Labs

    Three WWW-based Java labs
    (TAR, 6.0Mb)

    Durham letterhead

    LaTeX style file for Durham letterhead.
    (TAR, 9 kb)

    PG-IRAF code

    Fortran code to plot IRAF images as gray/color plots.
    (TAR, 1 kb)

    WFPC2-IRAF code

    simple IRAF scripts to reduce WFPC2 images.
    (TAR, 1 kb)

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