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Shaun Cole's Home Page

I've been a Professor in the Institute for Computational Cosmology within the Physics Department at the University of Durham since October 2005, having worked in the extragalactic astronomy group , as a PPARC Advanced Fellow and then Reader since October 1991. In 2014 I was awarded a share of the Shaw Prize in Astronomy.

The main focus of the ICC is research into Galaxy Formation and Cosmology. For information about opportunities for postgraduate study leading to a PhD see: Cosmology PhD information.


One of my main research interests is the theory and modelling of structure formation with a particular emphasis on galaxy formation. I am a coauthor of the original GALFORM semi-analytic code and regular user of cosmological N-body simulations run by the Virgo Consortium on COSMA and other supercomputers.


The other theme of my research is the processing and analysis of galaxy surveys so as to confront models with observations. I played a major role in the analysis of the 2dFGRS , colead Pan-STARRS1 large scale structure key project and I'm currently co-chair of the DESI Bright Galaxy Survey.

Professor Shaun Cole,
Shaun.Cole [at] durham.ac.uk  
Institute for Computational Cosmology,
Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics,
Department of Physics,
Durham University,
South Road, Durham DH1 3LE
Tel: +44-191-334-3593 / FAX: +44-191-334-3645