Adrian Jenkins


I am a Professor in the Department of Physics at Durham University and a member of the Institute for Computational Cosmology.

I am the Project Scientist for the Durham DiRAC-2.5y supercomputer facility, chairman of the Local Management Board of DiRAC, a member of the national DiRAC standing committee, and of the technical working group.

Durham University
My Address
Department of Physics
South Road
Durham, DH1 3LE
P: (0)191 334 3631
Adrian Jenkins
A.R.Jenkins (At)
ORCiD: 0000-0003-4389-2232

The ADS link retreives my publications using my orcid.

I am currently supervising three PhD students and one level 4 project student. I am a first year physics tutor and a level 4 project moderator. I am not currently lecturing, but I have lectured parts of the level 1 'Galaxies and Beyond', and before that the planets part of the level 3 'Cosmology and Planets' lectures.


I am interested in the nature of dark matter and dark energy, and discovering how the universe developed its present complex structure from the epoch of (re)combination to today.

Some recent papers:

On warm dark matter: Lovell et al 2012, Lovell et al 2014, Bose et al 2017

Galaxy formation: Schaye et al 2015, Sawala et al 2016

Large-scale structure: Angulo et al 2012a, Angulo et al 2012b

Dark matter annihilation: Springel et al 2008, Gao et al 2012

I am also interested in developing numerical methods for making initial conditions for cosmological simulations. I have created a new method for setting the phases of Gaussian random fields used for cosmological simulations, where the phase information is taken from a public realisation of a multi-scale Gaussian white noise field named "Panphasia". See Jenkins 2013, Jenkins & Booth 2013 for more details.